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It’s The Only Marketing Method From The Top

I prepared a list of “business pieces” while working on my 2015 business plan a few weeks ago to assist me to prepare a thorough strategy. I arranged them into the diagram below after some tinkering:

Making marketing the most crucial made perfect sense to me as a marketing strategist/consultant. And I’ll explain what I’m thinking.

Without a doubt, the foundation, product, management, and finance are critical. The owners and/or management are in charge of the essential business tasks and get things started.
The sales staff is at the top of the diagram. There is no revenue without sales, so there is no need for customer service. Customers are tough to keep without outstanding customer service, making sales efforts difficult at best.

Most firms, however, wither and die without marketing, specifically a comprehensive marketing strategy. It is critical that a few key associates from the other department participate.

The business’s core is located in the middle. Integrity. Every aspect of the organization must be guided by integrity.

Integrity must play a role in every decision made and in how every circumstance is handled. Integrity allows everyone involved to have a good night’s sleep. Integrity.

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